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> all artwork by    SSMIDD    and    ALTERNATE IDENTITIES

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upcoming/current e x h i b i t i o n s 2017/2018

> all good things are art by SSMIDD  @  SCHNELLUNDSCHMUTZIG #2018 may31-june 3rd

> project and classes http://festival-saint-denis.com/en/home-en/ (psp 2017)
> ART documentation of an Exhibition by Herman Kleinknecht by SSMIDD
> group exhibition with SSMIDD @ 01-22.07.2017 opening  30.06 @ www.gr-und.de
> SSMIDD wrote some liner notes for http://www.serious-serious.net/srs2


> ( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis AIR, August 12th-14th, Hilbert-Raum, Berlin,
> FOODS_VAP @ Inter Art Center, December 5th-6th, Beijing, China, H2O-VIDEO
> FOODS_VAP @ VideoBabel 2015, November 24-26, Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano del Cusco, Peru,   H2O-VIDEO
> FOODS_VAP @ PlutonCC, November 20th, Valencia, Spain,   H2O-VIDEO
> FOODS_VAP @ La Neomudejar, Oktober 30th, Madrid, Spain,   H2O-VIDEO
> FOODS_VAP @ cinematica, Okt. 25th - Nov. 5th, Ancona, Italy (curator:Simona Lisi),  H2O-VIDEO
> FOODS_VAP @ Centro Nacional de las Artes, Oktober 22nd-23rd, México City, México,  H2O-VIDEO
> YRTS, artist talk with SSMIDD, Sept 23rd @ 2300 cet., DAS KAPITAL, Karl-Marx-Platz 18, BERLIN neukölln
> FOODS_VAP @ The Night in Plovdiv, September 12th, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, H2O-VIDEO
> FOODS_VAP @ TAM Torrance Art Museum, August 1st-29th, South Bay LA, USA, H2O-VIDEO
> FOODS_VAP @ International Video Art Day, June 21, Santander, Spain, H2O-VIDEO
> FFH, VIDEOSURFACE-videoprojection, June 12th, 2000h(B-Movie HH), Paris-tfs by SSMIDD
> FFH, VIDEOSURFACE-videoprojection, June 13th, 2000h(Lichtmeß HH),  Paris-tfs by SSMIDD
> rethoricalexperiment, virtual exhibition, photonography by SSMIDD, jan 2015 @ GEDANKENSCHMIED-PROJECT
> silence, awareness, existence; artist residency in january 2015 @ arteles, finland

latest  p l u s  texts
> the art of the heart (english)
> die kunst des absschieds (german)
> warlords
> rrrgggbbb-connection
> 2012

general  g e d a n k e n s c h m i e d  project news
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> GDS-Pro BLOG update 2015!
> updated VIDEO and AUDIO archives out now
> new VIDEOSURFACE info online: new delhi & bodhaya
> cycle of water & stone out now
> glockenspiel stadt stade video out now
> ssmidd artist portrait, artbook reframing photography curated by rebekah modrak
> documentation: rrrgggbbb-tomb + rrrgggbbb-connection
> paris-taken from the surface wins [music in shorts]-award
> catalog out now: VIDEO Où va la vidoéo? - video


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