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DOG HUNT by STEPHANA SCHMIDT, C-Print on paper,  3060 mm x 1065 mm, 2008

“it is very rare for me to put out photography in my artistic process. sometimes when it comes to visit exhibitions i am using a camera as a diary. while being there it happens to find coincidental motives besides the art work being shown at the space. in many cases i even don't find the time to look at the photographs later - when the memory cards are full i just transfer them into a computer. that's where they become part of rusty archives. while doing so i recently step over theese two. they remind me: it was a very stylish art-design-exhibition-space but during the opening astonishingly there were a lot of dogs running around. i started to portray them one by one. with their shaggy hair, their movements and the fragile light conditions i naturally produced camera shakes. when i found that lazy dog i was able to shoot him almost properly the second time. maybe he was dreaming to levitate. maybe he was dreaming to be a star, anyway. the photos seem to speak about an ambiguous desire for something to occur.” nov 2008 s. schmidt