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Emoji Manadala
by ssmidd

The first Emoji Mandala was created when the so-called Crisis started to fully overtake.
The brains are being dissolved into their elements; the light of cognition is about to drain.
The three apes are closing ears and mouth and eyes.
Blood is dripping from the rose of praying hands and transforms into mirrorlike masks.
Archons, birds and octopuses are manipulating genes and proteins out of their natural balance.
Mysterious twins giving birth, cells come into existence, protected by the temple’s guardians.
The virtual reality is being mined and harvested, lit by oil lamps and out fashioned symbols of governance.
The dragon king is reduced to the three senses of seeing, smelling and taste.
The seers of the Easter Islands have been blinded by the propaganda through which they see.
Fortune-telling balls are enchanting the metropolises until they catch fire.
The silver and golden records are channeling their own version of the story to the universe.

this poem refers to the
(click:) first officially minted artwork by SSMIDD: Emoji mandala 001 classic by SSMIDD

click HERE for info-PDF

Emoji Mandala 001 classic (web)