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2012 _____________________________________________________

( ) parenthèse espace parenthèse DOCUMENTATION, 13:12 min, color, stereo, Full HD
additional documentary by SSMIDD, feat: Juan ARATA, Lan Hungh, Marcus p. & SSMIDD
"( ) parenthèse espace parenthèse DOCUMENTATION" illustrates an artistic process. It shows 4 artists from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Paris and Taipeh in the small village "Mons la Trivalle", how they transform an exhibition space by the means of art. First the images of the space and the images of the artists seem to merge casually. Meanwhile the DOCUMENTATION transformes into an artistic process itself, whereas the artists become one with the virtual abstractions of their shadows, mirrors of mirrors of a fragile world. The video is a successive work in connection and interaction with "( ) parenthèse espace parenthèse, édition 0 – 2012"

( ) parenthèse espace parenthèse, édition 0 – 2012, 20:45 min, BW and color, mute, FullHD, progressive
dokumentary by SSMIDD, feat: Juan ARATA, Lan Hungh, Marcus p. & SSMIDD
The video shows the outer Frame of an artistic project. It shows the conditions which led 4 artists from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Paris and Taipeh to meet in the small village "Mons la Trivalle" at the end of the world to transform an exhibition space by the means of art.
// travelling 2 days // construction 2 days // exhibition 1 night // visiting artists of the region 1 day // deconstruction/recycling of the art objects 1 day // travelling back 2 days // Between all these happenings these video-dream-recordings appeared, half-done and partially, representing the surplus of an authentic experience at the edge of the occident.

2011 _____________________________________________________

skyS 01 - skyvisions, 1:00 min, color, stereo, 4:3, 2011
video by SSMIDD
skyvision 01

20110410, 0:45 min, color, stereo, 4:3, 2011
video by SSMIDD
date 2011-04-10: somewhere near the geographical center of europe.

Trans-dimension ~un de chute~, 8:23 min, b&w and color, stereo, DV, 4:3
shortfilm by SSMIDD, feat: lian ya-hui, marcus philippe & lan hungh
The actors happen to play in a space which offers a 3-D-illusion. They act as if they were acting something happens in front of their eyes. Their gestures seem to relate in a world of shabby concepts. They remind us to something or was it in the movies or is it all just a dream? The only color is brought by the TV. It shows images of a world with men who didn't need glasses to touch the nature of permanent illusion.

cycle of water & stones, 4:08 min, color, stereo, 2011
video by SSMIDD
this short movie shows the last journey of a bird - from water back to the realm stones. we want to illustrate our thankfulness to mother nature for the clarity and beauty which she offers us in every millimeter of her floating existence.

GLOCKENSPIEL stadt stade; 4:29 min, color, stereo, HD, 2011
documentary art video by SSMIDD
this video represents installation in public space by ssmidd/franzka 2009.

2010 _____________________________________________________

atomino 2010 impression, 13:29 min, color, stereo, HD, 2010
documenary videoexperiment by SSMIDD
what happened at atomino art festival chrimmitschau in the year 2010? "You are filming yourself filming. You'll end up in the matrix you know?"

please do not ask me why, 5:00 min, color, stereo, HD, 2010
videoart by SSMIDD; hypnotic sound by
video has been spontaneously produced by ssmidd between the chaotic consecutiveness of things in spring 2010. the original version is HD 16:9 dolby stereo, video is 5 minutes long, can be presented as loop or projection.

2009 _____________________________________________________

into the blue, 1:00 min, color, stereo, 4:3, 2009
videoexperiment by SSMIDD
eastern christmas channuka or low res dogma - italy france or what was on the screen

THECELL2, 1:42 min, color, stereo, 4:3, 2009
experimental video series by SSMIDD
THECELL2 is the second part of a new series of gedankenschmied-project's ELQAV ("extremely low quality amateur video")-sequences. THECELL2 has been shot in october 2009 on a train-ride in germany. within this video we focus on sounds, water and light.

aachting kunscht, 0:24 min, color, stereo, 4:3, 2009
videoexperiment by SSMIDD
"jawoll, aachting!" die kunst des 21 jahrhunderts hat sich zu einem prächtig monumentalen megahihi gemausert. gut das fast niemand mehr etwas mit diesem anonymen hühü zu tun hat.

THECELL1, 1:47 min, color, stereo, 4:3, 2009
experimental video series by SSMIDD
THECELL is part of a series of gedankenschmied-project's ELQAV ("extremely low quality amateur video")-sequences. THECELL has been shot in springtime 2009 on a bus-ride somewhere between liverpool and london. within this micro-space everything is maximum-reduced to somewhat like just the rough idea of it's function. we will never ever want to wake up in a dream wherein the whole world has turned into something alike ...

Jerusalem Tracks, 1:42 min, color, stereo, HD, 2009
videoexperimentby SSMIDD
While working on the extraordinary high resolution VIDEOSURFACE-masterpiece "Jerusalem - taken from the surface" some trash-videomaterial turned out to be a short and abstract emanation on its own.

SCAPE, 1:00 min, color, stereo, HD, 2009
experimental video by SSMIDD
This video occurred whilst we were moving from one place to an other ...

better than nothing, 1:00 min, color, stereo, 2009
video by SSMIDD°09
My grandmother once told me that my grandfather would never ever have harmed a fly. She described him as sensitive, very joyful and passionate for “modern music”. So I always wondered how he could live through the times when he was working as a radio operator during World War II. After some time as a war-prisoner he came back home to my grandmother. Then due to a post-traumatic war syndrome he lost his capability to hear over night. This was at his age of 35. I still remember his warm rough whisper-voice when he was reading stories to me as a child. This was much later, in the eighties, while I spent some of my childhood days at my grandparent’s home. Now I have almost reached my grandfather’s age before he entered the “silent” part of his life. I don’t know if science say's that that flies can hear. At least they seem to be reactive to forced vibrations. The ones in the video I found them in a huge exhibition hall after the night of the finissage. They were all clinging to a window, seemingly trying to get somewhere else. And I found myself and my hands filming. And I became conscious about what I do.

error sequence 002, 3:30 min, color, stereo, 2009
experimental video by SSMIDD
RGBsEQuenCE was constructed out of an error-sequence which can be discovered at the very end of the video. The error was caused by the transfer of a very large DV-sequence from one computer into another, using a data-DVD. The spectator is taking a journey through a descending of digital effects. During this journey the video enters into an emanating state, where one might guess to be looking into a holographic illusion. Where chaos and error meet something seducing can rise. error sequence 002 is part of the RRRGGGBBB-project.

error sequence 001, 0:10 min, color, stereo, 2009
experimental video by SSMIDD
paradox technical time loop banned on video foreward and reverse. no possibility to interact.

2007 _____________________________________________________

121, 30s, color, stereo, 2007
video by stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: 121 is the very first official public phone movie. it was shot using a public phone in a shopping center. the machine has been created to send video-messages via e-mail to any recipient. a time window of 10s did open up to create this extordinary image sequence.
d e u t s c h: 121 ist der allererste offizielle telefonzellenfilm. er wurde mit einem öffentlichen telefon in einem einkaufszentrum gedreht. eine maschine, mit der man videonachrichten über e-mail an beliebige empfänger schicken kann. ein zeitfenster von 10s stand zur verfügung, um diese ungewöhnliche bildsequenz zu kreieren.

2006 _____________________________________________________

horizontal dream, 3 minutes, color, stereo, 2006
videoinstallatioin by stephana schmidt
"horizontal dream in 3 parts" is shown in a survival monitor which is presented next to a miniature-bed. it refers to a possible lack within the circle of elements. it belongs to an installation called "object constellation 3.14"

terrorstream, streaming media, 2:30 min, loop, 2006
video: los anonymos
“terrorstream” can be streamed on the net completely since it doesn't exist in higher resolution. this fragment has been created to pose a superficial question. there isn't more message in the media except this superficial, essential question.

YinYang_060709, 30:40 min, black&white, stereo sound, dvd on tvscreen, 2006
videoinstallation by stephana schmidt
micro loop: 23 x 25 = 575 frames
macro loop: 23 x 80 = 30 min 40 s
the audio file which comes with the installation has been recorded on july 7th of 2006.

handy moovie, 3 min, color, stereo, various formats, 2006
videocollage: sschnid 2006, words: thomas stuck, sound: fanzka
e n g l i s h: to finally arrive again! but where is it? and what happens to the tone of a piano when it is turned into a warped electron stream by a mini microphone? data selected at random from the archive is collaged into souvenir package. it is this feeling between places that the entire metropolitan community can partake in. image after image was created using “handheld devices”. timeframe: 5 years.
d e u t s c h: endlich wieder ankommen! doch wo ist das? und was wird aus einem klavier, wenn es sich durch ein mini-mikrofon in verzerrte elektronenströhme verwandelt? zufällig aus dem archiv gehobene daten zu einem erinnerungspäckchen collagiert. dieses gefühl zwischen den orten ist es, an dessen ahnung die gesamte metropole gemeinschaft teil haben kann. bild für bild sind die aufnahmen mit "handlichen geräten" entstanden. zeitfenster: 5 jahre.

short cup - kurze tasse, 90s, colour, stereo, 2006
video von alexS
e n g l i s h: 90 seconds is a very short time to convey the joys of football. it seems fair to use every possible method for this purpose. getting there is everything.
d e u t s c h: 90s sind verdammt wenig zeit, um die freude am fussball zu vermitteln. jedes mittel scheint dem zweck gerecht. ankommen ist alles.

berliner festspiele, 3:47 min, colour, stereo, 2006
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: “berlin festival”: the video consists of 11 images and 9 sentences. original recordings and recordings taken from archives are mixed.  but is there a difference? the material itself is relatively indifferent toward the content. the video invests subjective perspective in an economy of attention. elementary problems of the present are ripped, cut and warped.
d e u t s c h: das video stellt sich in 11 bildern und 9 sätzen dar. originalaufnahmen und archivaufnahmen vermischt. aber gibt es da einen unterschied? das material selbst scheint gegenüber dem inhalt relativ gleichgültig. das video investiert subjektive blickwinkel in eine ökonomie der aufmerksamkeit. elementare problematiken der gegenwart werden angerissen, abgeschnitten und verzerrt.

2004 _____________________________________________________

orgasmus im kino, 17:15 min, colour, stereo, 2004
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: “orgasm in the movies”: in the universe, there is a pure white world. here, people are obvious. they exchange each other via the media that surround them. they converse with appliances. they look indifferently past themselves, are with each other whether close or far apart. for a change, they go to the cinema. the video is intended to be a projection, but can also be located in particular spaces. since the works of the various artists presented in the orgaglasses truly exist, the question arises: to what extent do the works introduced in the virtual space of the videos change in relation to their original existence.
d e u t s c h: im weltall gibt es eine reine weiße welt. hier sind die menschen offensichtlich. sie tauschen sich über die medien aus, die sie umgeben. sie unterhalten sich mit apparaten. gleichgültig schauen sie an sich vorbei, sind miteinander nah und fern. als abwechslung gehen sie ins kino.
das video ist als projektion vorgesehen, kann aber auch in bestimmte räumlichkeiten verortet werden. da die in der orgabrille vorgeführten arbeiten der verschiedenen künstlerinnen und künstler realitär existieren wird so die frage aufgeworfen, inwiefern sich die im virtuellen raum des videos vorgestellten arbeiten gegenüber ihrer originären existenz verändern.

2003 _____________________________________________________

l'image ouverte, 5:15 min, color, 2oo2/o3
video von thomas stuck und stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: (the open image): young video lovers came together to create video images about several generations using blue-screen technology. the project was inspired by frank westermeyer
d e u t s c h: zu dem thema das offene bild fanden sich junge videasten zusammen, um unter verwendung von blue-screen technoligie videobilder über mehrere generationen zu generieren. das projekt wurde durch frank westermeyer angeregt.

partout allieurs, 6 hands productions, color, 1o:57 min, 2oo3
video von francesca checchi, stephana schmidt, francesca spanó
e n g l i s h: (everywhere elsewhere): the mysterious journey of a package that changes owners in the course of its handling and is really one, really two. in the end, it is made into a paper boat and then floats on a river towards the clouds. text by robert fillou.
d e u t s c h: die misteriöse reise eines packets, das im laufe der handlung seinen besitzer wechselt, der eigentlich eins ist, eigentlich zwei. es wird schliesslich zu papierschiffchen gefaltet und schwebt dann auf einem fluss den wolken entgegen. text von robert filllou

96, 3:3o min, 2oo3, farbe
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: a video that symbolises the change of time and matter. the deduction with architectonic formations as the trace of an ideology that has not yet been able to establish itself in the struggle of competition.
d e u t s c h: ein video, das den wandel von zeit und materie symbolisiert. abrechnung mit  architektonischen ausformungen als spur einer ideologie, die sich im konkurrenzkampf der geschichte bis dato nicht durchsetzen konnte.

science fiction, o3:17 min, 2oo3, s/w zu farbe
"studio primitif" produktion von harry knoll, frank stehl, stephana schmidt & nici wegener
e n g l i s h: the film "science fiction" attempts to convey an elementary and primitive message. a system that is initially arranged into circles is overpowered by lines although both find a complexity together in the end that exceeds their original selves.
d e u t s c h: der film science fiction versucht eine elementare primitivbotschaft zu vermitteln. ein anfänglich zu kreisen geordnetes system wird vorerst durch striche verdrängt, obschon schliesslich beide zu einer über ihr ursprüngliches selbst hinaus reichenden komplexität zusammenfinden.

2002 _____________________________________________________

traumulsion, o8:3o min, 2oo2, s/w und farbe
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: (dreamulsion): moving pictures with the purpose of portraying a profusion of possible imagery. pictures from the past are overrun with illuminated advertising messages, bus lanes, abstract imagery visions and lastly by identifications of themselves. throughout the video, an imaginary urban space comes into being as the result of an apparently arbitrary flood of images, whose context is emphasised using sounds.
d e u t s c h: bewegende bilder zum zweck der darstellung einer überfülle an möglicher bildlichkeit. bilder des vergangenen werden von lichten werbebotschaften, buskolonnen, abstrakten bildvisionen und schliesslich der bezeichnung ihrer selbst überrollt. im verlauf des videos montiert sich  ein imaginärer stadtraum als resultat einer scheibar beliebigen flut von bildern, deren zusammenhang durch geräusche unterstrichen wird.

dark stars, o1:3o min, 2oo2, farbe
von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: the video poem, which hearkens back through goethe to the danish ballad, "erlkoenigs tochter (erlkoenig’s daughter)", portrays the deep-rooted emotion of fear and underlines the film moment of itself by pointing in a flash to an abstract, open and individual future of seeing.
d e u t s c h: das video-gedicht, das über goethe auf die dänische ballade "erlkönigs tochter" zurückgeht porträtiert das tief verwurzelte gefühl von angst und unterstreicht das filmische moment seiner selbst, indem es blitzartig auf eine abstrakte, offene und individuelle zukunft des sehens verweist.

katastrophe (der gerissene faden), videoinstallation für 3 bildflächen, loop, ca. 3 min, 2oo2, farbe 
installation von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: (catastrophe): 3 concrete pictures first point to nothing other than themselves but then make a context clear. they are apparently there, create a catastrophic mood, schematic sketches of something that was. the absence of an explicitly event-related context becomes itself an event.
d e u t s c h: 3 konkrete bilder verweisen zuerst auf nichts als sich selbst und machen dann doch einen zusammenhang deutlich. sie sind scheinbar da, falten eine katastrophale stimmung aus, schemenhafte skizzen von etwas das war. die abwesenheit eines explizit ereignisgebundenen zusammenhangs wird selbst zum ereignis.

rundgang 2002, o5:oo min, 2oo2, farbe
video von nici fox wegener & stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: the video portrays a tour of the design faculty at the bauhaus university in the year 2002.
d e u t s c h: das video porträtiert den rundgang der fakultät gestaltung an der bauhaus-universität im jahre 2oo2.

wasserspiele, remake, o1:55 min, 2oo2, s/w
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: (trick fountains): remake of the original from 1998.  glasses are gambled to try one’s luck at catching or losing black water.  optically improved version with sound.
d e u t s c h: remake des originals von 1998. verspielte gläser spielen das glück schwarzes wasser zu empfangen, oder zu verlieren. optisch aufgebesserte version mit ton.

2001 _____________________________________________________

einreise, ein hoerfilm, 4o:o4 min, 2oo1, nur ton
hörfilm von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: attempt to simulate a cinematic experience using acoustic methods: a journey in the broadest sense, from place to place, a journey of thoughts. a journey in remembrance of wittgenstein, homer, the phantasm of origin, of a former state of being a worm, the musicality of words, of war, of death, of being born. waves convey the objects.
d e u t s c h: mittels akustischen mitteln wird der versuch der simulation eines kinematischen erlebnisses unternommen: reise im weitesten sinne, von ort zu ort, gedankenreise. reise in erinnerung an wittgenstein, homer, das phantasma des ursprungs, die einstmalige wurmheit, die musikalität des wortes, den krieg, das sterben, das geboren werden. wellen vermitteln die dinge.

positive dialekt(r)ik, o6:5o mim, 2oo1, farbe
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: positive dialec(r)tic: from samas to derrida. with regard to these, the film attempts to transcend the world of letters.
d e u t s c h: von samas bis derrida. in hinblick darauf versucht der film die welt der buchstaben zu überschreiten.

2000 _____________________________________________________

turning back, o1:75 min, 2ooo, farbe
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: a definite separation of picture and sound can only be located outside the film. in the middle of a time of flooding, the individual picture needs new space in order to unfold.
d e u t s c h: eine diskrete trennung zwischen bild und ton lässt sich nur außerhalb des films verorten. mitten in der zeit der fluten braucht das einzelne bild neuen raum, damit es sich entfalten kann.

video – ich sehe ein moment in 8 teilen, o5:3o min, 2ooo, s/w, stumm
video by stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: (video – i see a moment in 8 parts:) 8 separate picture situations are presented in a black-coloured "vacuum".  white lines and forms evoke optical illusions.
d e u t s c h: in einem schwarzgefärbten 'nichtraum' werden 8 separate bildsituationen vorgestellt. weiße linien und formen rufen optische täuschungen hervor.

onyr – das gekippte fenster, 35:oo min, 2ooo, farbe
experimentalfilmprojektion von kai anschütz, mario bader, tobias rose & stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: an experimental film projection based on 7 controlled slide projectors and stereo sound. the composition aims to create for observers the illusion of participating in the vague, projected day of an individual through the representation of open and closed spaces of interpretation.
d e u t s c h: eine experimentalfilmprojektion basierend auf 7 digital gelenkten diaprojektoren und stereoton. die komposition soll durch darstellung offener und geschlosser bedeutungsräume bei den rezipienten die illusion erzeugen, an eines vagen individuums blicklich projiziertem tage bei zu sein.

teppichtauchen, skizze, o2:3o min, 2ooo, farbe
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: carpet diving: the filmed sketch uses a carpet pattern to portray a reference to the change that can be experienced by looking on. flying carpet.
d e u t s c h: die filmskizze stellt anhand eines teppichmusters den verweis auf die im schauen selbst erfahrbare veränderung dar. fliegender teppich.

zigarette, o1:o4 min, 2ooo, farbe
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: cigarette: the short film "cigarette" represents a total view of the reflective layer of a table lamp. in it, the image of a person lighting a cigarette can be seen.
d e u t s c h: der kurzfilm zigarette stellt einen totalen blick auf die reflektierende schicht einer tischstandlampe dar. darin wird das abbild einer person gezeichnet, die sich eine zigarette anzündet.

1999 _____________________________________________________

treppe–beobachterstandpunkt, o1:oo min, 1999, farbe
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: stair-watcher standpoint: the short film "stair-watcher standpoint" is an emotion. the eyes are frozen to the window of the unexpected events.
d e u t s c h: der kurzfilm treppe-beobachterstandpunkt ist ein affekt. der blick selbst gefriert zum fenster des unerwarteten ereignisse.

1998 _____________________________________________________

hoerspiel, 48:oo min, 1998, s/w
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: audio play: monumentally experimental film. trash production of a record mix with recordings of ‘o’ sounds.  presentation and insulting of the sight.
d e u t s c h: monumentalexperimentalfilm. trash-inszenierung eines schallplattenmixes mit o-tonaufnahmen. thematisierung und beleidigung des blicks.

wasserspiele, o1:43 min, 1998, sepia, stumm
video von stephana schmidt
e n g l i s h: (trick fountains): lids are gambled: gambled glasses, which are to unite in dance, play life: all or nothing, yes or no and the staring that lives between.
d e u t s c h: verspielte deckel spielen das glück: sich im tanz zu vereinen verspielte gläser spielen das leben: nichts oder alles, ja oder nein und das staunen, das dazwischen wohnt.