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2017 Jannuary
The artistic science of dismantling reality //
Photogrammetry and other audio-visual fragments at the downfall of the occident

After molecules have nowadays been split to atoms, protons, quarks and even preons theoretically there wouldn't be much left to discover if one assumed that the physical world would be real. Comparing to those pointlike entities at the fragile bottom of our convictions the size of a single pixel on a liquid-crystal screen seems as vast as a theme park assembled by monochrome football fields. Still, this peculiar LCD-matter or any other similar visor or pixel-beam serves as THE common playground for countless contemporary artistic expressions today. Seem that way, they are all somehow coarse, rectangular expressions. Even if they had been driven analogue by a derivation, they would end up being advertised and spread throughout the world using the same matrix of similarities. So then where should we spot our artistic expressions today? Where is the most obvious stage to mirror this all-pervading entity that pursues our perceptions until the realm of dreams? In spite of everything this stage was not even what we were really looking for. We wished to be something much more profound, specific and diversified. Something simple and quite general though not too commonly underestimated or misunderstood. But for a moment it felt like discovering an island that gave us a hand on the ostensibly infinite path to artless authenticity.

this poem refers to the
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